Monday, August 23, 2004


as i lay here, on the eve of my sophomore year in college, quietly doing not much, and not even remembering that tomorrow is school, my vomitous stomach decides to remind me. every year, i get queasy on the first day of school. as far back as i can remember. my mind may not even be aware, but my stomach always knows. i remember my senior year in high school, i had an early volleyball class. the first day, i got sick worse than usual, probably because of the physical activity. anyway, my teacher decided to make an example of me to the class:
"did you eat breakfast today?"
"let this be a lesson to all of you- always eat breakfast. doesn't matter if you're on a diet or whatever. you gotta eat."

i didn't like that. first of all, if i had eaten breakfast, i wouldn't have fainted, but i WOULD have blown chunks across the freshly buffed floor. second of all, the beginning of my senior year was the time when i was really fat, right before i decided to go to weight watchers. mentioning being on a diet was embarrassing and repulsive to me. how dare she figure i abstained from food because i wanted to be thinner! i didn't eat because i couldn't! i ALWAYS get sick on the first day of school. this was my problem, not hers. and now she was making it the business of every snobby girl and hot guy in the class. so i'm not feeling well tonight.

how to spend the night before the first day of school, you ask? stay up freakin late playing this game, that's how. so what if i don't know my schedule or what time i need to wake up. so what if i don't have my books. so what if i haven't purchased any paper or pens or anything. i have marbles, and that's all i need.

btw, the 'no books' thing is not my fault. it is the school's fault. i ordered the books online. the confirmation said "your order will be processed within 48 hours." apparently, 48 hours from thursday afternoon is not saturday afternoon, but monday morning. i swear, i took college algebra, and i thought 48 hours meant two days. i did get a B in that class, but that was only because i was too confidant and never studied. "hey, i took this same class freshman year of high school! why do the homework or listen during lecture? if they didn't want us to play minehunt during class, they shouldn't have put us in a computer lab for lecture." i sat in the very back of that class, and i know that 3/4 of the students were checking email or playing minehunt during lectures. the other quarter were asleep.

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