Saturday, August 21, 2004

mmm... granola...

i went to the health nut store today with my sister. she has two pet rats, and it makes her feel good to buy bulk health foods to make her own special rat mix. on today's menu: dried banana, "o" type cereal, sunflower seeds, dried tomato, split yellow peas, etc etc. anyway. we went to the store, had fun with the little pour spouts you never get to play with when you're a little kid in the coffee/ jelly bean/ bulk sunflower seed aisle (but it'd be so FUN to open up all the spouts and make a mountain of coffee in the middle of the store, mom!). we wandered around, getting some other fun things like chips and salsa. saw a few health food hotties stocking peanut butter, etc. when we were ready to check out, there were two of said hotties running one line. so we go up, unload the many self-done baggies of rat food ingredients, smile at the boys.
"so what are you girls doing today?"
:"oh, just making rat food"
"did you say 'rat food'?"
:"yes. i have two pet rats, and i make their own mix of food"
"oh. i thought i was behind on the latest lingo. you know: "rat food..."
all: laugh

then on the way out, sis went and tripped on the mat in front of the door. not the first time she's tripped in the middle of a market :). oh yeah, we're cool.

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