Wednesday, August 18, 2004


so a couple of nights ago, no, last night, this girl that i hate came into my place of work to order food. actually, she just asked for a glass for water, which she filled with soda. anyway, she was talking to her friend saying, "i know i should eat something. i haven't eaten or slept in four days. my best friend just shot himself in the head" etc etc. now, considering the type of girl she is, i wasn't at all surprised that someone she knows just did himself in. hehe. before she mentioned the dead friend part, i was thinking to myself, "hmm, not eating or sleeping for four days? that's what Meth will do to you, genius." in fact, she probably has been on it all week. the dramatic ending of life was just an added bonus. i doubt very much that he was her best friend, but i suppose saying "one of my acquaintances just killed himself" wouldn't be as pitiable. anyway. i thought nothing of it, until tonight, when my manager said something about a friend of mine that used to work with us. she said that this guy who killed himself did so in "alice's" apartment. (name changed to protect the innocent. or guilty. or me.) so i got online when i got home, and have only found one reference to this incident on any of the newspaper and news station websites. it says that the police are looking for a "man and a woman" who were witnesses to the shooting, but are not considered suspects. i assume that this is "alice" and her boyfriend "gustav". i swear, this job has made me make friends with more criminals than i would have thought possible. of all the crimes i would expect to be committed in "alice's" apartment, a shooting is pretty low on the list. i would expect drug use, prostitution, and burglery before murder/suicide/accidental shooting. now that i feel real good about myself and the position i'm in because of my job, i think i'll go to bed. and have sweet, sweet nightmares.
needless to say, i'm really creeped out by all this. and i'm just putting on a bitter, sarcastic, sardonic appearance for the entertainment of my loyal readers. except there are no loyal readers. no readers at all, i believe.

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