Wednesday, August 25, 2004


the first day of school, i felt absolutely fine, aside from having like 3 hours of sleep the night before. yesterday, i woke up with a full-blown cold. where did it come from? no one i know has a cold. i haven't even been around anyone lately! so i called in sick to work today, and my manager was all like, "well you were in here yesterday." all suspicious-like. yes i was in there yesterday, but if she wasn't so unobservant, she would have noticed that i was doing a lot of sniffling and coughing and going "ungh". plus, it wasn't like i was in there WORKING; i dropped in on my way home from school because it was payday, and i wanted my check. anyway. she hung up the phone before i could tell her that i had asked a coworker if he would be willing to take my shift. oh well. if she's too rude to even signal that she's hanging up, then screw her. she doesn't deserve to have a good day. it's like, she never says "oh i'm sorry you're sick. rest up and get better!". when i tell her i'm sick, she mutters "that means we'll only have five people tonight..." as if her problems will make me magically unsick, ready to work. when i call in sick, it's not because i'm weak and too wimpy to work. it's because i don't think it's best for anyone if i come in and go "*sniff* i guess i'll make this food for this customer...*cough cough* here's your order, sir...*snerk*"
i feel that it's best for me to keep my nasty, snotty, germy self at home, for the safety and peace of mind of both myself and my customers. and coworkers.
*steps off soap box*

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