Saturday, November 12, 2005

You know your life has changed for the better when...

You spend two nights in a row playing board games with two different groups of people in parties that don't break up till two in the morning. And you eat enchiladas on the second day.

Tonight I played games with the Christians at the house of (holding out on a name for this one: the jury's still out on his character, personality and outstanding features). Very nice house, though. And tonight, I became a man (in a coming-of-age sort of way, not in a sex-change sort of way). Or rather, I finally played Settlers of Catan. The guys used to always play it when they came for game night in my old apartment back home, but I was always too interested in playing boggle or uno or whatever to try. Plus, I was afraid it'd be confusing or stupid or something. I was wrong. It's a pretty fun game- it's a good bit like monopoly, only more interesting and not as long, a bit like risk, something like pit, and all kinds of cool. I plan on involving myself in more games of Settlers, whenever it's convenient. It's also safer feeling- games like Taboo are loud and fun and great for bunches of people, but I kind of like the non-frantic, slow paced, very limited group you get with Settlers. Nice way to spend an hour with three other people. Oh, and I lost, but only because I opened my big mouth a round before I would have won. Anyway. It's time for me to go to bed, if i'm going to be awake for any of the morning hours tomorrow. Or I could just sleep till noon again like I did today. I love this whole not-having-a-job thing, because it means that weekends are really times when I can relax and do not much.

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