Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving will be excellent

The picture, so you all know, is taken from the driveway of the house I stay at when I'm in Parts Moreknown. It was a really nice weekend- barely cold at all, no snow, sunny the whole time.

I'm gearing up to give my roommates and some other friends a great thanksgiving. I'm still waiting on how to make gravy from my mom, but other than that I've got everything covered. Trying to gather everything up and get organized so that when I start cooking, I know what all I have to do, and not forget anything or whatever. I'm mad at iTunes, though. I'm trying to buy Alice's Restaurant, because thanksgiving isn't complete without it, but it won't let me purchase it, and it's really starting to make me annoyed. Happy tuesday, everybody! Maybe I'll go watch Harry Potter tonight. Seems like the whole world has already seen it. I'm already mad at one roommate, three friends, and the entire city of Parts Unknown for seeing it without me. Anybody else seen it yet? Can I be mad at you too?

Oh- Mom and Dad, I've made something of a christmas list. I'm going to try and get it to you tonight or tomorrow. We've been decorating our apartment in christmas stuff. Last night we painted christmas tree balls, and today we're making a tree out of clothes hangers, and my one roommate and I are going to do a library class where you decorate a frosted ornament. Oh yeah! I got a library card! I'm so excited! I even checked two movies out yesterday. I already watched them, too. Very fun.

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