Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've almost mastered the art of bubblegum bubble blowing

What I have not mastered at all, however, is how to not get sticky gum-film all over the outside of my mouth, nose and chin. Seriously unpleasant.

Now for the cool part of the post. So I've spent about 20 hours during the last two weeks in the library and the study room. I go to these places because it's harder to get distracted there, and I had two 10-page papers to write. These were hard papers. Research papers. I had to like, read these academic books that were written by sociologists 100 years ago. Like 15 of these type of books, all told. So I spent some major time studying. And writing. I found that it's better to read in the library, and write in the study room. The library is comfy and stylish and book-smelling. I sit on the 6th floor, which has a great view of the lake, and it's fun to look out the window while it's snowing. It also has these couches. Are they not so modern and 50's looking? It's like the breakroom on the starship Enterprise, or something. In other words, the sixth floor of the library is the most wonderful place on earth to sit and read for hours on end. But it's too stimulating to try and think up my own thoughts in. So when it's time to write, I go back to my apartment building, up to the fourth floor where the most boring room in the world exists: the study room. It's a room with tile floors and hard chairs and some boring tables and white walls. You sit there, and your options are 1. writing your paper and 2. staring at the wall. So you write your paper, and it gets done in maybe like five hours instead of like ten or fifteen hours.

Now that the past two weeks are done, I'm feeling excited and happy. They were my school-dominated weeks, and the next two weeks are going to be my social-dominated weeks. I'm doing fun things all the next week, and then the week after, I'm going to throw a Thanksgiving for my roommates and some other friends. I'm very excited. I can't wait to make pies, and do a turkey, and eat stuffing. Roommate #1 and Semi-Roomie are making fun of me for wanting to make a pie and stuffing and mashed potatoes from scratch. They say that here in Parts Unknown, you buy the pie, and you use StoveTop stuffing. Fortunately for me, the evening is being billed as my American Thanksgiving, so what I say goes. Why would you buy a crappy store-made pumpkin pie? I may opt for the stovetop stuffing just for simplicity and cost effectiveness. But definately a homemade pie.

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