Friday, November 4, 2005

Holy It's Still Snowing, Batman!

I'm not used to precipitation that hangs around and keeps going for hours on end. I'm used to rain that comes for maybe fifteen minutes, then moves on and you don't get rain again for a month. This is insane and cool. Today I walked outside into the snow. It was so cute! Like down feathers, or powdered sugar or something. I will admit, though, that when it's windy, a snowflake in the eye is fairly unpleasant. Not that it's cold or anything, just that you can't see very well. It's like a bug in the eye, only gentler and it doesn't leave bug guts in your eye. Also, thanks mom and dad for the scarf. I still haven't had time to knit one for myself (I just finished the one for the underpriveledged children), so this'll be good to have between now and when I make my own. When I got the package, I thought mom had accidentally mailed me an empty box, cause the fleece is so light. I was about to laugh, when I opened it and saw the scarf.

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Anonymous said...

empty box indeed!