Sunday, July 18, 2004


i've been reading madly for several weeks now, beginning as soon as i get home in the afternoon (around 3:30) and not stopping till like midnight. and i would go on past then, if it weren't for the fact that i have to get up early in order to do the homework that i didn't do the night before. BUT. it's not like the books i'm reading are worthwhile, or even well-written. they're stinking harry potter! i hate JK Rowling. with a passion. i wouldn't mind her at all if she was just another crappy writer with no talent, but she's pulled these mildly interesting stories out of somewhere, and written them down. if there's anything more infuriating than reading a really well-written book, it's reading a poorly written book that still has an entertaining plot. i feel... unclean... like i'm watching Survivor or something. and yet i can't stop. i've even read them before! it's not like i have to know what happens, cause i already do! and it's not like i don't have anything better to read- i'm still in the middle of Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, which is great, and i still need to read Henry IV for my shakespeare class. darn you, JK Rowling. i hope Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light makes your life mildly unpleasant for years and years. and i wish you'd hurry up writing the last two books, so i can read them and get them out of my system, so i can go back to reading Real books.

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