Saturday, July 31, 2004

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to

actually, it's more like "and i'll eat a ton of chinese food and poppyseed cake if i want to". and i did. and i shall. in 24 hours and 49 minutes, i'll be nineteen (19). i really didn't pay much attention to 18 when i had it- i don't smoke, don't go clubbing, don't buy porn, why would i need to be 18? i must've used it to my advantage at some point... seems that i did, but can't think what the reason was. i did register to vote, so i can have my very tiny little say in who leads our nation, as well as who gets to be a town councilman. and i'll tell you one thing- i'm not voting for anyone whose platform includes restricting growth of my town in order to keep it a "resort-like atmosphere" for the old folks. neither will i allow anyone who plans to zone for more dry cleaners or real estate offices. you can spit from one dry cleaners to the other. oh yeah, and i'm freaking SICK of walgreens and osco drugs. i hate the old people! THEY'RE the ones who need all of those stupid drugstores, THEY'RE the ones who do all of the idiotic real estate stuff, THEY'RE the ones who wear fancy-shmancy clothes that need to be dry cleaned (actually, the annoying young rich people use the dry cleaners also, so i hate them too). and THEY'RE the ones who drive like morons, causing me to be late to work on the best of days, and causing huge accidents involving going on the off ramp and such on the worse days. i swear, the old people are ruining the world for the rest of us. we need to go back to prehistoric times when there was no medicine to be heard of, and therefore no old people. the world would be WAY cooler if we just let them die.

i hope you know i'm kidding. well, exaggerating. anyway... where was i? oh yeah. i was celebrating my birthday by complaining about old people. kind of ironic, isn't it? i didn't even mean to talk about that. i just jumped out of my psyche, somewhere deep down, when i thought about the people running for town councilmen. why? because they're all old, and they all want to make my town into a resort for old people. sun city will spread and take over the world. we will all shop at walgreens, buying their crappy selection of snack foods and novelty shirts, but living mainly on prescriptions and real estate. sigh. happy birthday to me.

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