Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Griffith Park

for those of you in the LA area, planning on going to visit the Griffith Observatory, you can Forget It. we looked up the hours and stuff on its website before we left the hotel last week. apparently we overlooked the fact that it's undergoing a four year renovation, and won't be open again till 2006. we drove all the way up the hill, only to find at the very top a bunch of construction fencing and mess. and a sign saying that they're fixing it up. so we drove back down the hill feeling like fools, and went to the LA Zoo, which is also in Griffith Park. it was fun, and we got smashed pennies, and crappy plastic animals (you stick two bucks into a machine, and get to watch the plastic go into the mold, then you wait for two minutes so you don't grab molten plastic, and you open the hatch and have your very own crappy plastic lion. i highly reccommend it- they're fun, and i've gotten attached to mine). we didn't see the elephants, and the gorillas were out for the day (where were they? shopping?), but everything else was fun. we saw sea lions sleeping at the bottom of their pond thing, and wondered if they weren't dead. they weren't- we stayed and watched till they woke up and came up for air.

so even though we didn't get to see fun planetary stuff, the day was still wonderful. and again- the sun was shining, but we didn't get hot! amazing!

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