Friday, July 9, 2004

back to work

i went to work today for the first time in almost... 2.5 months. and boy how things've changed! i only know like 6 people anymore- all the rest of the employees were hired after i left. it's not good. because when you completely replace the employees with new people all at once, things just go down the drain. i admit, the people working there before weren't the most savory coworkers, but we were like a well tuned... no, um a big happy... no... well, we were used to each other, and all were good at our jobs. despite (or perhaps because of) the drug problems. all these new people are, well, new people. and because Everyone is new, there is no one to train them how to act and how to do their jobs. so everyone sucks. it's like the blind leading the blind, or as i like to say it, 'inexperienced people training inexperienced people makes bad burritos.' it really does. anyway, i still know a couple of the people from olden days. one of them is like my favorite, even though (or perhaps because) he mocks me and tickles and pushes and stuff. it's fun to fight with him. like the brother i never had :). my favorite manager is still around, and so is my favorite schoolmate (of the many many high school graduates that work there, it's kind of sad that only three of us are in college...). so i've got some pals, and a few others that i'm comfortable with. this will have to do until i can find a better job, and even with the annoyance of these new people who are slow and inefficient, it's not that bad. i'll live with it, but i no longer see it as one of my home bases. now it's just work. which, in a way, can be a good thing. above all, it's just way better to be working than to be sitting around at home ALL SUMMER. maybe it wouldn't be if i had friends, but my few friends don't really do much, and as krista's working at that camp all summer, i can't hang with her. so working is my best option. plus, my shakespeare class starts monday! woo hoo! shakespeare! i'm really very excited about that. i can't wait! it's gonna be fun.

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