Tuesday, July 13, 2004

arrgh, arrgh, and double arrgh

on saturday i went to the grocery store after work. i bought various stuff for making a nice dinner for myself and my parents. i also bought one peach. it looked good, and smelled good, and felt like it would be the perfect softness in a day or two. i came home and made dinner and set the peach on the counter to ripen. on sunday i looked at it, smelled it, felt it. oooh it was nice. but no! it wasn't quite perfect, and i wanted to eat it at the right moment. monday morning would be perfect. wake up around 10:30, get dressed, eat a peach, a perfect peach, and then head off to my first day of summer session. (to get ahead. i'm a good student). so i woke up this morning, got dressed, and walked out to the kitchen for my peach to meet its fate. hmm, now where did i leave it? i thought it was right next to the bag with two pears in it (pears are okay, but not for breakfast). hey mom, did you see where i left my peach? i've been waiting for it to ripen and today is the day! i can't wait to eat this peach! i haven't had one for so long! and the anticipation will make it taste that much sweeter. i picked it out specially at the store because it was so beautiful, and now i can't find it. did you move it? "..... i think dad took it to work for his lunch...."

i ate a pear for breakfast today.

and made dad feel really guilty this evening when he came home from work. that was MY PEACH, darn it! i picked it out, i bought it, i watched it ripening all weekend, and you had the unmitigated temerity to steal it right out from under my nose the day it was to be my breakfast!

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