Tuesday, July 6, 2004

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now that i've forgotten my blog long enough for anyone who possibly read it before to forget it as well, (did that clause make sense?) i'm back. i've been back in town for a while, thinking, "i want to tell about my fabulous week in sunny California." not that it's not sunnier here in AZ... but every time i try to make myself write anything, i get discouraged because there's so much to say, i'm lazy, and i've forgotten most of the witty, interesting things i had thought of to say about it last week. so all i'll say is this: in california, when it's hot, you can step under a tree and be instantly cool again. and lie in the grass. there is no grass in az, and shade is never cool. unless it's the shade of being inside an airconditioned building. i actually found myself being glad that i brought a sweater along. in june!

the other thing i remember that i wanted to say was this: in places like hollywood and los angeles, you know there's a lot of tourists. but think of this- there are also people (many, many people) who live there, spend years there working at the 7-11 or the video store. chew on that for a while. think of the taxi driver in paris who spends all day taking sightseers to the eiffel tower. does he goggle at its greatness anymore? did he ever? do the people who move to these cities have to check their souls at the door? because i think that would be the only way to keep from getting depressed and killing yourself after living a humdrum (i don't really mean humdrum. i mean.... regular. a life like mine.) life in a place that the rest of the world looks at with longing and wonder.

i think i should start living a larger life, in this smaller part of the world. to make up for all those people who don't.

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