Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Here it goes again (again)

Finals this coming week and the week after. The last time the word "finals" will be a terrifying thing to me, I hope. Next semester won't count, because next semester will be full of unicorns and chocolate cupcakes and poppies blooming all over the place.

Before I crawl into a hole for the next two weeks (the same hole I've been in for the past two weeks?), I thought I'd leave you with some thoughts.

1. Today while walking around the neighborhood in a luxuriously relaxed manner, my roommate and I witnessed white people in the park (?) playing cricket (??). This reminded me of Hitchhiker's Guide and the many books that I would like to read, but currently have absolutely no time to even consider doing so. But seriously, cricket? Where do these people think they are, Britain?

2. I hate this time of year. I hate it 80% because of the nasty insane allergies that make my life a living hell from March till October, and 20% because during the day it's sweatily hot and at night it's the most beautiful temperature imaginable. What do we do? The house gets too hot to think during the daytime, and stays uncomfortably warm even when we open the windows at night, but it seems silly to turn on the air conditioner when it's so nice out half the time.

3. We've got the windows open right now, and awhile back our college-guy neighbors drove up, radio blasting. As they opened their doors, the music briefly assaulted our ears. It wasn't hip hop, it wasn't rock or death metal. It was something I never would have expected.

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