Friday, May 25, 2007

Greetings from Texas!

While the weather has been perfectly lovely this week, I've decided I could never live in a place with humidity. The blessed coolness and the giant green trees and the beautiful Riverwalk (it's like Europe, in Texas?) are all tainted with the fact that the crooks of my elbows and the back of my neck are sticky and weird continuously.

It's raining today in San Antonio, which is lovely and wonderful- the rain has been going nonstop since about midnight last night- and completely foreign to me. Never have I seen rain rain for so long without stopping. Unfortunately, we took the opportunity to splash in puddles on the street just now, completely forgetting that duh, nothing ever gets dry here. Thus, we will be going wedding dress shopping with damp knees and wet hair. They will love us there, I'm sure.

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