Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Certainly I've posted more recently than that?

Finals are over, hurrah, and I made the dean's list, yippee.

I went to a training session for one of my summer jobs, and excitement galore, I got a free ($0!) shirt.

I've been getting lots of hours at work, so I'll have actual money to pay my landlord with, rather than the pound of flesh nearest the heart I usually have to give. This newfound money will also fund my extensive travels this summer.

In three hours I leave for a big, big state. You might even call it a Great State, if you were so inclined. I'm very excited about this, as I've never actually seen the state before, aside from the inside of its airports. I am also excited because I get to skip a week of work in order to do this.

Maybe I should go to bed? I'll probably feel like a steamrollered pile of crap in the morning either way, but maybe if I sleep a little, I won't feel like one right now as well.

But I need to take a shower, so I can pack my shampoo.

Plus, I can sleep in the car, after eating the (apparently) obligatory doughnuts and orange juice for breakfast. Except thinking of that combination leads me to believe I'll be more likely to puke than to sleep after such a breakfast.

One good thing about beginning the trip at 4 in the morning is that the car doesn't start out blisteringly hot. Hurrah!

Now I'm just prolonging taking a shower and getting to bed. Bad idea.

I think I hear my roommate snoring in the bathroom? Perhaps she shouldn't stay up so late, either. See you in a week!

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