Saturday, May 5, 2007

Apparently all I'm good for is lists

Another one, just to catch everyone up. Tonight's theme? Ways to know you've had a good night.

1. You're exhausted.

2. You got dinner, dessert and into a club, and only spent two dollars

3. Your mouth still feels a little funny from the atomic wings you ate, and don't even think about rubbing your eye with those fingers

4. You found a picture book in the grass

5. You're sweaty and smelly

6. You have gunpowder residue on your hands

7. You had two dates to the formal dance you weren't planning on going to

8. You hope that guy didn't think you were coming on too strong when you tackled him and knocked him down in the parking lot

9. You still can't figure out why that biker woman at the club had a stuffed lapdog on a leash

10. Oh yeah, you think you did well on the final you took in the afternoon

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