Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fun, fun stuff

For memorial day, the parents and I decided to go to the Boyce Thompsen Arboretum somewhat north from us. We got up early (ugh) and spent the morning walking around in one of the more scenic places in Arizona that I've seen that's still desert-y. There was much oohing and ahhing as we looked at pretty flowers, amazing rock formations, and our personal favorite, the benches that have misters on them. Oh yeah, and the nifty yellowish orange and black caterpillers on the fennel. They have a fun little herb garden, and we ran around, rubbing the various leaves with our fingers so we could smell them. And there were some fun smells to be smelled. This evening I went to a ward barbeque, where we ate shish-kabobs and lemonade, listened to oldies, and had general socializing and swimming. And throwing of people into the pool. In their shoes. Also the rest of their clothes. And OOH OOH OOH I want to tell you the excitingly important news that came from me attending the BBQ, but I think I'll hold off on the excitingly important news till a little later. Just to make sure it's real. But I won't leave you without some hint of the news, cause that would be mean. My hint: it's exciting.

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