Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What does a nervous breakdown sound like?

Imagine you've been sitting around the house for seven days, and are not sure what day it is. It's ten in the evening, and you realize that you have a final at eight the next morning. And you haven't studied. Imagine spending an hour frantically condensing your notes from the last half of the semester onto one page, and wondering how you're going to memorize all the musical selections' titles and composers overnight for the listening section of the exam. Then imagine looking down at the notes from the last day of class, and seeing the words you wrote REAL BIG at the top of the page: FINAL FRIDAY AT 8AM. Duh. Tonight's only tuesday. Now imagine deciding to ignore the whole problem until it's thursday at ten in the evening. No need to worry before it's worrying time. And hey! I've already got my study sheet written up! I can wait till ELEVEN! Maybe tomorrow I'll write that final paper for the other class...

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