Wednesday, March 23, 2005

One more thing...

Today in my statistics class, I fell asleep. Not just light dozing. I'm pretty sure I must have been drugged or something, because I kept on trying to wake up and not being able to, not even for a minute or two. You know how in the movies, if a guy gets punched in the face, he falls down and kind of struggles to hoist himself up again while being forced down by a rain of blows from his assailant? Or when someone's out drowning in the sea, and they find something to float on right as they run out of energy to swim, and they drag themself up onto it with their arms all askew? That's what I was doing to my desk. TOTALLY embarrassing. I was awake the rest of the day, though, no problem. On the plus side, we got our quizzes back from before spring break. I got a 105. And yes, that IS a percent. It's always pleasing to be handed your more-than-perfect score just as the girl next to you complains that she got a 52. Made my day.

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