Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I love the way it smells in Spring

It smells like flowers. When you live where I live, you learn to appreciate the smell of plants when you get it. It smells like the flowers on native plants, domesticated plants and introduced plants. The smell of the wildflowers that line the roads and fill people's yards. Flowers always smell better when they are simple and bright. Flowers that are too complicated or showy always have a strange smell that you don't want to experience for very long at all, but small, simple flowers give off a scent that you can inhale for hours and still not have enough of. I love the way orange blossoms smell, and grapefruit and such. I'm so lucky that there are so many citrus trees on and around campus that I can walk by several in a day, and walk a little slower so I can get the full effect. Spring also smells like bodies. The natural smell that people give off when they are just warm enough to enjoy it, without being hot and sweaty. More of a glow than an odor. The smell of girls' perfume heated up but not stale and sweaty. The smell of the few people who start wearing sunscreen in March. The smell of food from outdoor vendors, making hotdogs and Mexican food, the breeze wafting the scent towards me after an afternoon class. Really, the smell of Spring is the smell of warmth, the warmth that comes before the unbearable hotness that is Summer. The warmth that you are excited to feel and can really appreciate after a few months of being chilly in long pants and sweaters. I love the way it smells in Spring.

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