Monday, November 8, 2004

parlo italiano, e tu?

So I'm taking Italian 101. I am obviously as good as fluent already, no? Anyway, we do a lot of group work (writing dialogues, etc), and my usual group is fun. We did an exercise awhile ago where we had to write letters of advice to lovelorn kids, whose names were "Romeo" and "Ophelia." Hmmm, we thought, suspicious. And their stories were oddly Shakesperian. So we wrote each telling them to dump their crazy significant other, and hook up with this cool guy/girl we know named romeo/ophelia who's also breaking up with their SO. Since then, any dialogue, any story about a picture, is a continuation of the Hamlet/Ophelia/Juliet/Romeo love tri...rectangle.... It's been very fun, leading to some hilarious stories. Like Hamlet being a barista and poisoning Romeo's coffee because he stole Ophelia from him. Anyway. today's dialogue was almost about Giulietta, but we decided against it. Instead, it was just us. We went to a restaurant, and our check had the wrong stuff on it. We complained to the waiter, got free dessert out of it, but still didn't leave a tip. Poor waiter. It was more fun than I'm making it sound right now, but I think the humor would be lost in translation (read: I'm too lazy to write down the whole conversation). Io capisco paroli italiani. Capiscete, o non capiscete? Io vado al camera di letto, perche ho sonno, e voglio dormire. Buonasera!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Abbie! It's Meghan Hodge. Remember me? =D If not that's ok, lol. Anyways, if you ever want to chat my AIM is: barabara no soul. And if you know what livejournal is, I have one of those too.