Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i'm wearing a ski mask right now. it squishes my nose so i can't breathe well.

i love my italian class. it's fun. i believe i've told you before of the Romeo/Ophelia/Hamlet/Juliet love... rectangle.... but i love my class for two other reasons. 1) my teacher is originally from germany. she often slips when doing numbers or really obscure words. as i've also taken german, i notice it when she does it, and i inwardly laugh. 2) my teacher also has a funny way of speaking english. she uses the word "gunna" ALL THE TIME. as in. "i gunna get some lunch", "we gunna read this chapter", "you gunna answer the questions", "she gunna write it on the board". oh yeah, and my very favorite: "what's the weather gunna like?" i spose it just comes from the way it's phrased in her language(s), and the fact that NO ONE likes to conjugate things in anything other than their native language. that is all. i gunna go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Please take off the mask. I would prefer to have you breathing.