Friday, November 19, 2004

in the computer lab

at my school, we have an underground giant sea of computers. right now is the first time i've ever looked at my site from a computer other than home, and it gives me a little shiver of "wow. my words can be accessed from anywhere." but i have two little observations from where i sit. first, it kind of smells like a Penguin's, for some reason. second, about 1/6 of the computers here are macs. there's like these tiers, or landings, in the lab, so it's like a big staircase. the top landing is the one full of macs. i think that says something. something like, macs are superior. or perhaps something like macs are weird and need to be segregated so's not to infect the other computers with their appleness. however, i like that we're segregated. in the morning, when everyone on campus is trying to check their email and there's a line of people waiting on each tier, i know that i can always walk straight to the top and find an empty mac. because stupid people are afraid of them and don't know how to use them. i am of the priviledged class that can use either a mac or an ibm or a dell or whatever. but i try to use the apples whenever i can, because they're just so much easier, and i feel like i belong here. whenever i'm too tired to walk up all the stairs to get to the mac area, and i settle for a dell, i can't relax and enjoy myself, because i feel like an outsider. i think i've rambled on for too long, and the things i'm saying aren't all that interesting, so i'll leave you with these parting words: apples are good. especially when they smell like frozen yogurt.

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