Sunday, November 14, 2004

cake mix

I love it when I come across some old cd that I haven't listened to in a long time. Like years. This summer, I went to a play (in Hollywood, while visitng relatives) where the intermission music was an album I had almost forgotten I have. Hush, by Bobby McFerrin and YoYo Ma. It's so great. Once we got back home, I went and found the cd, and stuck it into my computer so I can listen to it any time I want to. Lately, I stole a few cd's from my sister, and I realized that I really DO like Cake, and they're actually a lot better and more fun than I first thought. I made a compilation cd of my favorite Cake songs, and what better name than Cake Mix? Informative, simple, and something I just have to laugh at every time I see it. I think maybe I should hide a few of my favorite albums, so I can find them later and enjoy them again.

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