Tuesday, November 9, 2004

hey HEY!

the evidence of my very THIRD reader! excitement galore. But I thought I'd inform you of my future job, as predicted by this site: Fluffy Bunny Trainer. Ohhhh yeahhhhh... so cool. Now what was I really meaning to say? Did I already tell you about the whole travel journal idea? Yes? Well, I haven't used it yet. I'm thinking it'll have to wait till after this semester ends, when I'll have more time, and I'll be changing my work schedule anyway. Oh. I remember what I was going to say. I burned a bunch of cd's from Isabel the other day. MY Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits that she stole from me, 3 Cake cd's, and, er, the Eagles of Death Metal. And I'm really enjoying Pressure Chief (Cake's latest album, I think). Especially the End of The Movie. It's so cute with the banjo and all. I like timid-sounding songs by artists that aren't usually timid. They always make me happy. Like If I Ever Leave this World Alive by Flogging Molly, or Blackbird or Mother Nature's Son by the Beatles. Sweet little songs are nice. Like sitting inside in a sweater and fuzzy socks and watching it raining outside.

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