Friday, December 1, 2006

Two posts in one day! Too bad it isn't November anymore.

Today, while walking around campus for work, delivering mail, I saw the following individuals;

1. A cute little girl, running around, playing on the mall and being precocious.

2. Some guy sitting outside the student union, eating McDonald's, with about a hundred little brown birds sitting all around him on the ground, on the other chairs at the table, and even on the table itself, about a foot away from his food. I don't know if he's like some bird whisperer, or if maybe he was feeding them crumbs, or if the birds just went crazy en masse, but it was a noteworthy scene that I wish I had had my camera for.

3. Santa Claus. He took a picture with a bunch of sorority girls, then continued on his jolly way.

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