Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hola Mi Amigos!

I've really enjoyed this past week or so, even though it was tainted by having a nasty cold for the majority of the week. The cold has pretty much gone and left a lingering cough in its place, and I chalk up the quickness of the cold's retreat to zinc.

Zinc! I praise thee and thy strangely good-tasting orange flavor. The best part is that because I got the tablet kind and not the nose-spray kind, I didn't lose my sense of smell, as I've heard is possible with zinc nose spray.

Tonight was date night, and we made a lovely dinner of ham and mashed potatoes and green beans and time-pressed rolls that were delicious, and homemade peanut brittle and also some brownies. I rather like doing date night- it's always very friendly, and I just realized it's kind of a grown-up thing to do. Dinner party with civilized conversation and ham, you know. Well, until Roommate X's boyfriend started dancing. I guess it seems more civilized and grown-up because we're all generally still in our Sunday clothes. After dinner we trooped up to the north side of town to see the live nativity scene put on by the church. It was fun to go as a big group and bring my very long blanket to share with my four closest friends, sitting outside in the (relative) cold night air. We played a Mannheim Steamroller cd on the way back home, and played cards for awhile.

Tomorrow I get to help cement details of Hunca Munca's bridal shower this week, doing things like buying blue crepe paper and cutting out snowflakes to decorate the house, making sure people know where and when it is, etc. I'm looking forward to it, and have already purchased four bottles of Martinelli's. I love Martinelli's almost as much as I love parties. Perhaps more.

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