Monday, December 4, 2006

Could it be possible?

I've found something that makes me feel antagonistic toward one of my four favorite roommates. This thing? Politics.

Up until now, I've never really had any kind of problem with any roommate ever. As in, like, I have never felt in opposition to anything they have said or done, ever (except for that one time when I almost murdered my roommate because she beat me at a movie trivia game?). This is in accordance with the incredible patience that spontaneously sprouted from my heart when I moved from home.

Back to the point at hand, though. Somehow, I've realized that I really do have pretty firm opinions about politics and government, and I've come to understand that idea of how you're not supposed to talk politics with friends. Because, a sociological perspective of politics and government is very different from a... lawyerly perspective. Except I think her perspective is also a little different from the more common lawyer's perspective. In any case, we disagree, and since she has a stronger personality than me, and is better at asserting her opinion, she always comes out seeming smarter and more credible than me. This makes me very upset, because I know that my opinion is just as credible and sensible as hers is, but she never seems to see my point, and then I think unChristian thoughts about her, like thinking that she is stubborn and wrong.

I must needs learn to be less upsettable and less emotionally involved in such discussions.

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Anonymous said...

ive got friends like that and it helps my pride to think to myself:
"being good at arguing doesnt make you right"

and then considering that it doesnt matter who is right once you have split your opponent's skull with an axe.

-the childlike.. one..