Sunday, July 3, 2005


I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday. All four of them. The oral surgeon sent me home with an envelope with two of them in it, and boy were they huge! I don't know how teeth even fit in your head. Anyway, we've discovered that percoset (or however you spell it) really makes me drowsy. As in, ten minutes after taking it, I'm so asleep that I don't even change positions in my sleep for 3 hours. I've been staying in my parents' house so mom can baby me and make me smoothies and stuff, and we have like fifteen kinds of pudding, lots of ice cream, three kinds of chocolate milk, and all the "cream of" soups I can imagine. Plus, I've been watching movies up the wazoo. Which is also great. The best thing of all, though, is that I don't have to go to work until Tuesday. And four days without setting foot in work is four days well spent.

The only problem? It's been two days now, and I know I should brush my teeth. But I'm afraid. What if I accidentally rip open the wounds? What if the toothpaste doesn't come out? What if I try to spit and my clots come out too? But my mouth is really starting to gross me out. I can smell my own breath. When I close my mouth and bite down, my teeth stick together with the accumulated grunge. This is Not Cool. I must brush my teeth soon. I'll put up a few pictures for your delight soon as well. Not of me brushing my teeth, but of my Marlon Brando jowels, and the teeth that I got in the envelope. That'll be fun to see, no?

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