Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey, look! It's a big, looming Update!

So i'm all into this idea of going to a different school for a year. It's one of those things that i really want to do, but never end up doing because it's too... big... and stuff. Anyway, like my resolution (NOT New Year's) to travel more. I'm really trying to get both of these aspirations off the ground before they atrophe and die and get moldy and gross. And then they'd like sink into the ground, and a new dream would grow out of the fertilized area they created, and then IT'D die and fall over and the whole thing would start over again. So i printed out the application papers for the school exchange, and i'ma fill'em out and turn'em in and give the university $150 and they'll send me to Parts Unknown. Or rather, the school of my choice. Where it will be cold, and with snow, and people that aren't my parents. Cause i seriously am tired of living with them. I love them, and they are my parents, but i need room.

Oh and i cleaned my room AND my car this week. The room took two days, and i moved furnature to make it look like it wasn't the same room i've been living in for the past eleven or twelve years. The car took a good hour and a half today.

How to tell when you need to clean your car: 1. there are more clothes in the back seat than there are in your closet. 2. there is a puddle of soda that has gradually seeped out of a paper cup and into the bottom of the cup holder, overflowed that, and seeped into the cupholder next to it. 3. you can't drive barefoot anymore because the driver's side floor is like covered in gravel. 4. when you can't find a particular pair of shoes, or textbook, the first place you look is your car.

Work was fun tonight. I got to waste fifteen minutes tonight, and get paid for it! I have a coworker that listens to his headphones continuously, even though it is strictly against the rules. And he listens to rap. Nothing else. Tonight he left his cd case in his girlfriend's car, and he needed a selection of music for the evening. So he made me drive him to his apartment to get his music back. I didn't clock out. I feel like such a rebel. Well, not really. Anyway, i tried to get him to listen to the cd of Soviet Union Music that i checked out of the library recently. I had fun trying to persuade him that he would like it, that it was just so cool. But no dice. I just imagined in my head what his reaction would be to the cd. And that entertained me almost as well as if he had actually heard it. I seriously need to put that cd into my iTunes before i return it to the library.

Along similar lines, sort of, the earbuds for my iPod REALLY HURT! My ears just aren't the shape that any company expects ears to be. I really can't bear to use any of those in-the-ear deals that anyone comes out with. It hurts too much. So instead i have to look like a nerd with giant eighties-looking headphones that entirely engulf my ears. I've been wanting to get some headphones like my coworker has, you know, the ones that clip over your ear, so they're separate, but also outside of my tender ear canal. Cause he's always making me listen to his music, and it's always so nice to use those headphones. They're cool.

Conclusion for the evening: earbuds bad. Soviet music good. Parents so-so. School where it's cold and away from home good. I think.

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