Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm in!

Ok, so not quite yet, but I'm >this< close. I turned in all but one of my forms, I paid the fee, I met with the guy. He thought my choices of schools were interesting. Why did you pick THIS school?? He totally understood why I wanted to do this, and was really helpful in talking me through various stuff. So after that I made an appointment with my major advisor for her to sign the last form, and talk about courses and stuff. Then, I wait until the middle of march. Then they tell me that I've been accepted. Then I do a whole buncha paperwork, talk to people at the host school, talk to my major advisor again, get a visa and a passport, apply to the host school, register for classes, apply for housing, go for a summer course here since I dropped my Italian class (awww) and will need to keep up the number of credits I have in order to finish in four years, figure out how I'm going to get myself and mystuff up there, and then I'll be ready to go to Canada for a year, as long as Mom doesn't die of fear of my being away from her for more than a week. Oh yes, and somewhere in there I'll have to like, you know, buy a jacket. Or two. Probably I'll need shoes as well, since my current lifestyle involves only Birkenstock sandals and thongs during January. Scarves, hats, etc would also be a good idea. Cause I hear it's cold up there. In Canada.

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