Saturday, January 15, 2005

So, you know how i just cleaned my room?...

When I cleaned my room, I threw away a lot of junk. And some stuff that I probably could have sold online or as a garage sale. But, since I'm not keen on sending my stuff to people around the world and figuring out the payment methods and such, and since my family is morally opposed to garage sales, I threw out a lot of stuff. Simply because I never used it, and I needed the room for other things. One of the main problems I encountered was where to put all of the books I've acquired. I have a bookshelf with room for... (lemme go count... ok) 89 of my books. I recently (about a year ago) got a large desk with a hutch-thingy over it. The hutch-thingy has a bookshelf that is full up with another 45 books. I then keep my 20 or so oversize books (too tall for my bookshelves) on top of my desk, but underneath the hutch. I have no more room for books. I stated this to myself when I beheld my room in all of its clean (though book-filled) glory. I rarely conciously admit ANYTHING to myself, but this was one of those occasions. So what do I do? I decide to create an account on Duh. It started out innocently enough- the university bookstore is a total ripoff, so I came to amazon for my textbooks (I ended up paying 31 dollars for a statistics book that cost 75 in the bookstore). Then I said to myself, since this is so cheap and all, why don't I go ahead and buy the "optional" books on my booklist? It'll still come out as less than buying at the bookstore! So I did. Then, today, I realized my... (deep breath) Habit. I purchased a book. Not a textbook. A book that I bought only for me. For enjoyment. In full knowledge of my bookshelf space limitations. And the moment I pushed the "Place Order" button, I knew that there was no going back. Sigh. The upshot of this whole situation is that, hey! I'm going shopping with my sister on monday. Guess what. We're going to Ikea. If I don't post again, you'll know it's because I lined my entire room with bookshelves, and can't find the door.

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