Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts I had during tonight's show

Why do there have to be so many people here?

Hurrah, we got here just in time for the band to come on!

I sure hope S. likes this, considering how much he just shelled out for a ticket without knowing who the band even is.

I hope my big silly grin isn't freaking him out. The spectacle and the music is just too much!

No, wait, NOW it is just too much.

Looks like S. is enjoying himself. Whew!

Wait, wait, wait, is that guy really playing the keyboard, or is he faking it? Shoot, it's fake.

Wait, it's real.


I guess it doesn't matter. It still sounds good.

I like their footwork, with the bouncing from side to side like happy little kids.

EVERY band should have a standing cellist. Awesome.

Wait, they know Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms? Awesome again!

With a disco ball? Inspired!

Silly grin just keeps getting bigger. I hope there isn't cilantro in my teeth or anything.

Why are they leaving?

Wait, why aren't they coming back on stage? The power of expectant applause is failing us! Quick, we need more applause!

Oh good, they're back!

That was good.

That was really good.

I may not be able to sleep tonight that was so good.

Why do there have to be so many people here?


Uffish Thought said...

Wait, where did you go? Who is S? What was the band? I need more details!

ViolaSaint said...

The Rialto. Mystery Man S (as in, we will see if he becomes a regular character on the blog). The Avett Brothers.

isabel said...

ps, it wasn't fake.