Monday, April 19, 2010

Maybe you don't need to know this

Last night I had this secretly awesome dream in which some jerk of a girl* did something selfish (she waited for me to go to great lengths setting something up [a trampoline!], then got up on it and used it before I had a chance to) and I got TOTALLY PISSED and yelled shouted bellowed** at her, this extended string of angry vitriol until I was hoarse and unable to speak anymore.

I woke up feeling incredibly satisfied and powerful, then wondered if I should start shouting people down for little things more often. Perhaps I would be happier?

* no recognizable face, which is interesting considering the number of people whose faces my conscious self put in there after I woke up.

** like the horn of a huge cruise ship, or no! like the horn of Helm Hammerhand!


Anonymous said...

Snicker. I don't think it would take a Joseph to decipher this.

Anonymous said...

I find shouting very therapeutic... and Cairn gives me fair reason to sometimes.... well maybe not shouting at her but talking with a loud, firm, I'm-an-angry-mommy voice