Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's my name again?

Do you think it's possible that something that's an inherent part of my personality could lead me to do some action on a daily basis that could be the reason why I have a terrible short term memory? No, I'm not doing drugs or spending my afternoons hitting myself in the head with a mallet. At least, not that I remember.

I only ask because during the past year (almost!) of working at my current job, I've noticed that my short term memory isn't up to snuff. I'll be standing in my boss's office, and he'll tell me something I need to do in the next hour, I'll say ok, and go off to my office to do that thing. But somewhere in the six feet between his office and mine, I forget what I'm doing and then I'll remember two weeks later (sometimes earlier, like when my boss asks me why didn't I do that thing).

So I was thinking about this tonight, while I was sitting on the ground listening to the same song over and over, wondering why I have a bad memory. Then I thought, maybe it's because I've trained myself only to remember stuff when it's repeated six or seven times in a row! Maybe my compulsive/addictive personality is to blame for my woes at work! Of course, I'm not a scientist, and have not thoroughly thought through this idea of mine. Perhaps a controlled experiment with mice and a cardboard maze is in order?


innkeeper said...

I had a scare like that with short-term memory loss and instructions from the boss. I finally resorted to carrying a small pad and pen with me and writing stuff down. It helped. I still have short-term memory problems and often end up in the kitchen saying, "what did I come in here for again?"

You could still do the experiment with the cardboard maze. At least the mice are cute.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Post-it notes are such big sellers?
Keep a bunch on your desk and in your pocket. Never talk to your boss without a Post-it and a pen in hand.
Chances are you have never had so many small details to follow up on.