Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Perhaps we shouldn't look too close at my unconcious self

Two bits of information that were very important that I spread to the world when I woke up from a dream of watching the turbulent ocean at dusk just now:

1. The correct spelling of the word churl and its near cousin, cheauxrl.

2. Although this has no bearing on the righteousness or evilness of hairy people, naturally hairless people will all end up in heaven because hairlessness is an indication of innate perfection. The destination of the hirsute is up in the air.


Neil said...

In a moment of self-doubt, I googled "cheaurxl", just in case. Amazingly, the one hit was for your post, only three hours old at the time.

I guess I'm not innately perfect.

isabel said...

i just googled the same thing. and there were no hits. hum.

ViolaSaint said...

I was confused why the word would show up once, but then not show up later. I googled, and found that you were both right. If you google the word I typed, you will find it. It was misspelled in Neil's comment- the x and r were switched around. Sheesh, here I go making a public service announcement to reduce the misspellings of this highly important word, and what happens? Immediate misspellings!

Becky Blunt said...

I don't think so.
No such thing.
You must be googling a word spelled slightly differently from what you typed.