Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Can I take a moment to tell the entire world how mad I am at my sister right now? Yeah? Ok. Here it goes.

I am so mad at my sister right now! She's made my life pretty miserable the past couple of days by keeping me up far later than I should be up last night and again tonight, during a time at work when I really should be getting a lot of sleep, and not only that, but now my little heart is broken, and it's all because of her! She must've known all along that if she introduced me to Wonderfalls I would become addicted and obsess about the characters and be forced to watch episode after episode until I'd gone through everything on youtube (when I SHOULD have been sleeping), and THEN I would find out that not only will it not work out between Jaye and Eric, but that there won't even be a chance for it NOT to work out, because the freaking show only had one season! How can I live knowing all of that? It's almost too much to bear.

I could kill her. If I fall asleep at work tomorrow and get fired, I hope she knows it's all her fault. I feel like I am maybe in emotional distress right now.

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isabel said...

whoa whoa there cowgirl.
let me start by saying: I totally have all those episodes on my harddrive and you didn't need to watch them in poor quality on youtube.
and i DID tell you at the First Episode in canada that i houldnt let you watch it because it ends sadly.
and i'm sorry. i remember how i felt when i finished the season.
you know what helps?
watching it again.
and then again.
you have to go in order every time to keep the story in perpetual maybe-it-will-work-out..-ness.
of course this teaches us a very important lesson. it doesn't work out. ever. call me jaded but its true.