Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday while cleaning out my car, I saw a hood running down the alleyway, glancing behind him a couple of times, then darting down another alley. Wow!

Today while riding my bike down the river, I passed a woman in her late forties, in some sort of black-with-patches-of-tie-dye, long-sleeved, shortish dress thing with black leggings and a light green beret/turban thing, rollerblading along the path in a stylish manner.

Oh! And I have one of the coolest friends ever! She's only a freshman, but she's leaps and bounds beyond me. She has style! She has this amazing yellow jacket that she wears with cute grey skirts and tights! Purple tights! Yellow tights! Red shoes! Carrie is too cool for words, and I got to have a cupcake with her today.

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Anonymous said...

The chocolate frosting looks like Donald Trump hair.