Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If money was no issue

I would move out of my apartment into a house again. I would take my roommates with me, but we would each have our own room.

I would spend one weekend per month, and then one month in the summer, somewhere else. Somewhere pleasant, like Ireland or Mexico City or the Adriatic.

I would always have Oreo cookies in the house, and I would buy high-quality peanut butter, shampoo, and sour cream.

I would decorate my house with vinyl wall stickers and brightly colored paint, matching endtables, fancy ottomans and couches without rips in the fabric.

Bookshelves. The pottery barn kind that's like a wall of cubes, and the kind that's like leany shelves. The house would never be cluttered because there would always be an empty space to put things.

I imagine that if I were immensely rich, I would end up buying many pairs of nice jeans, and many shirts of the same kind in a rainbow of colors. I would always wear the same outfit, in varying hues.

I would buy a puppy. An expensive puppy from the puppy store in the mall, where they're all cute and furry. I would hire someone else to take care of the messes the puppy would inevitably make.

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Anonymous said...

And the puppy should be an English Bulldog. Because I saw one, and petted it, and it sneezed on me, while I was at the park. And it looks like monster...a very cute, loveable monster, and it should be fat and you could tell people, "he's just big boned" (fatter is cuter).
Someone I'm married to says that they cost $4,000. That should be expensive enough. --Lolita