Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The spanish tortilla is the best of all omelets, or so boasts this article. Here you can see my delicious, but not completely circular, attempt at being spanish.

The beginning was questionable and a little scary. Visions of runny egg and potato dripping onto the floor danced through my head as I prepared for the flip.

After the surprisingly easy flip, during which nothing dripped anywhere it wasn't supposed to, things began to look up. Except I had already slightly overcooked side one in fear of insufficient coagulation.

The second side went so much faster than the first, a mere 4 minutes compared to the previous... nearly 15. The second side was therefore not burnt. The end result was very tasty and kind of pretty, with lovely little surprise caramelized onions at the surface every once in a while.

This dish is definately a repeat, as it tastes incredible and costs next to nothing to make (it comes out to about a dollar per person). Things I would do differently next time: get a sous chef, or a mandoline. The potatoes take forever to slice by yourself. Also try not to get fresh garlic under my fingernails, that kind of sucks later on when drinking smoothies for dessert. I think maybe next time I'll try not peeling the potatoes, that seemed to take a long time and I don't see any problem with leaving the skins on. While it didn't call for it in the recipe, my roommate who has experience with authentic tortillas questioned whether there should be cheese. It wouldn't hurt to try next time, authentic or not.

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Buddha said...

Looks delicious !