Saturday, June 30, 2007


Rather than explaining the coolness of this picture, and giving a witty monologue about the summer solstice festival where we saw the alien-giraffe people, I will simply let it stand as a monument to that day. The picture will also stand as a monument to my frustration at not having a simple, useful Photoshop-like application in my computer. You have no idea how long it took me just to crop the blonde lady's head out of the picture.

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isabel said...

four options:
(from someone who knows)
1. iPhoto crops picures quite easily. i recommend making duplicates when you want to make any changes to a photo.

2. depending on when you got your iBook (iLap, hee) it should have come with Appleworks. look in your applications files. you may remember using it when it was called clarisworks. not optimal but it runs nicely on my book when other things might lag..

3. if you want a good workhorse app to do things like adding text in the lolcats fashion or cropping or messing with formats and some basic photoshop type stuff, i suggest and get GraphicConverter. its free indefinitely (they make you wait 30 seconds after something like a month if you dont register but that doesnt bother me terribly)

4. i have Adobe Creative Suite (shh) if you want to give that a try. it is totally the best. if your moral outrage can be subdued.

just say arrrrr