Thursday, July 5, 2007

Marching Fourth in July

One of the best holidays, I think, would be Independence Day. You get to stuff yourself full of hamburgers, play all day, lay around in the park while the symphony plays rousing music, and watch things explode. If you're lucky or daring, you get to be in charge of making things explode. While I didn't have an opportune moment yesterday to use my contraband firecrackers, I did get to do all the other things in the above list.

There's no more American sight than a stranger in a patriotic shirt, waiting to board the shuttlebus to the park. We Americans refuse to walk!

The symphony's excitingly lit tent:

This is the picture you get when you set fireworks off yourself, with only one chance at getting the shot:

And this is the picture you get when you have fifteen minutes of continuous, professionally produced fireworks:

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