Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend Update

I had a good day on Tuesday. My sociological theory class meets that day, and despite its being a required course, I enjoy it. The professor is kind of a hoot: this week, he explained in detail why an orange Air Jordan tennis shoe is analogous to Da Vinci's The Last Supper. And it totally made sense. Cell phones go off pretty frequently in this class, and every time one does, I expect Herr Professor to do a little dance, but for some reason he never does.

Another reason why I liked this Tuesday was the way I spent my afternoon- I went shopping, just for the fun of it, and as I rode by the Co-op on my bike, I was treated to the sounds of some twentysomething guy playing the fiddle and singing in a startlingly authentic manner. I wasn't brave enough to stop and listen- I just rode on by slowly, savoring the moment.

Thursday was a different kind of good. I went to a fast food restaurant for lunch in order to do my homework for a different class. The assignment? Observe fast food workers and write two pages about what you saw. I wrote three. I also ate a burrito.

After lunch and class, I went to the student exchange office and was videotaped as I babbled and rambled at the speed of light on how great it is to go on exchange. I laid awake for hours the night before, thinking of the many things I wanted to tell the people planning on going out into the world: how great it would be, how many friends they would make, the things they would learn about themselves, funny stories about my own exchange, warnings of pitfalls to avoid. In the end, I'm pretty sure I sounded like a raving lunatic, making wild leaps from one topic to the next without pausing for breath. But I only got three minutes! And I had so much wisdom to impart! They're going to send me a dvd so I can keep evidence of my horrible public speaking skills to show my friends and family. Hopefully they'll edit out the first thirty seconds or so where I wreck my train of thought before it even leaves the station, and simply stand there giggling and saying "I'm sorry! Can we start over?"

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