Sunday, September 24, 2006

Disgusted With Myself

Living in this new house, with these roommates that are roughly my age, I've been exposed to much more radio music than I've been used to listening to for at least the past three years. Not that I am against radio music or rock music in general. I've just been in the habit of listening to my iPod and therefore my specifically purchased music for a long time now. So it's been a long time since I've listened to a lot of Top 40 type music, but now I do!

I've heard most of these songs before, in passing, but now I'm hearing them over and over again, I've begun to like some of them. "Some of them" being Unwritten, by Natasha Bedingfield, and Waiting On the World to Change, by John Mayer. Also some other ones, but you get the picture (or maybe not. Maybe you listen to way less radio than I do). It's not that they're bad songs, it's just that they're not *my* kind of songs, and they're so terribly common and obvious.

I guess my problem is that these songs are okay songs that the music industry has told me to like. I like to feel like I'm an independant thinker, so when I am tricked into buying into what is sold to me, I feel vaguely disappointed and annoyed.


Anonymous said...

I am consumed with shame.

Uffish Thought said...

I'm not. I like songs of mostly all descriptions. Sorry.

Right now, though, I'm listening to my soundtrack from my friend's movie nights this summer. Songs from the different movies we saw. Some good stuff on there, mainstream and not.

Also, I went to my first concert the other day, and it was fun.