Sunday, September 17, 2006


Favorite part of the group dinner date tonight?
:The part where my date and my roommate's date (they happen to be roommates, too) left early, cause they were seriously cramping our style. As in, they sat next to Each Other on the couch (instead of next to us, their Dates), and talked only to each other about football except for when they were bragging to the general assembly about their various proofs of coolness.

Favorite thing said during the evening?
:In a desperate attempt to create a conversation of general interest during dinner, my other roommate pipes in with, "Once, I joined the Communist Party!" Even this comment could not save the evening.

Favorite art project made this afternoon?
:That one that my communist roommate and I did in the backyard with the photosensitive paper and the weeds.

Favorite dessert we had tonight?
:It's a toss-up between the delicious cheesecake made by roommate #3 and the delicious chocolates made by me. But probably the cheesecake.

Favorite totally hypocritical statement made by me?
:"I hate it when nobody updates their blogs!"

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Uffish Thought said...

Favorite comment to make you wildly curious?:

I have stories for you. Unfortunately, due to my total lack of my own computer, you'll have to catch me on my roommmate's laptop, or on a campus computer. And I never trust blogs for personal stories.