Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Arg, Arg and Double Argh!

1. My hair, upon exiting the pool around 7:30 in the evening, magically transformed itself into something curly and pretty, without me having to so much as brush it. Naturally this happens when I stay in and do nothing all evening. Beautiful hair, wasted!

2. Um, I have to work tomorrow? And the next day too?

3. (this one's the double arg) The amazingly perfect and nice house that my friend and I fell in love with, that we were going to rent and share with maybe four other girls and have a fun house of people, cannot be rented by us at this time. Why? Because we couldn't find another four girls to share it with, and the two of us can't swing the $1000 per month for much longer than two months by ourselves. I now need to find a new place, and nothing will be as wonderfully spacious and friendly as that house.

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