Monday, August 21, 2006

Another short post on my current state of annoyed-ness

There's a few things bothering me right now. Two have to do with my bathroom, the other is non-bathroom related.

Light lag: the light in my bathroom does not turn on at the same moment as you flip the switch. It waits approximately three seconds before actually illuminating the room. This is slightly aggravating the first time it happens, and when it's been going on for several months, it really can get on one's nerves. However, I'd almost rather have the light off altogether, because when it's on, I can see the minute details of my shower curtain, which is the other thing that bothers me. My shower curtain is an otherwise lovely and happy looking map of the world, with one irksome flaw: no rivers. Alright, I know it's just a shower curtain, and it isn't supposed to be an exhaustive study of our world's geography, but come on! At least put in the Nile and the Amazon. Perhaps the Mississippi? Also the name of Brasilia is in a larger font than Hawaii.

My other annoyance is that about a week ago, for some reason my laptop decided it no longer wanted to load any pages with the word "blogspot" in the url. Seriously uncool. I can't figure out why it is so against the free communication of thought and also pictures; I tried clearing my history and my cache and all kinds of other things that I sort of understand, but it still refuses to cooperate. I think I need to shut down my computer for many days to give it time to think about the annoyance it has caused me. After which thought it will obviously see the folly in omitting an entire server's worth of blogs, and apologize profusely.

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