Friday, September 30, 2005


-This isn't Sarah or Jane*, is it?
:No, it's not.
-Oh. Well, how are you?
:I'm pretty good. How are you?
-Alright. Whatcha doing?
:I'm watching a movie.
-Watching a movie? Man, it's friday night! Listen, are they home?
:No, they're not.
-Oh. Well, when they get back, could you tell them to call Steve, Joseph, Michael and Alice? They've got some serious boozing it up to do.
-You're not one of their moms, are you?
:No. I'm their roommate. (nice to know i sound like a mom)
-Oh, ok. I didn't want to be talking to a mom about that.
-So you'll tell them we called?
-And when you're done with your movie, you can come up, too. Party a little.
:Yeah, ok.
-Alright, bye. Wait, do you want our number?
-Oh, I see how it is. Bye.

*names changed to protect the innocent. and the guilty.

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